Happy Splendour Weekend ......


We have just received our first delivery of Ensemble by Therese Rawsthorne.  

"The ethos of the collection is based around refined casual, it’s a philosophy of designing pieces that will become cult classics every season. I want them to be pieces you go to everyday, really reliable & unfussy, so the test of them is in the wearing, They have to be pieces that become your favourites, the ones you always want to replace once they’ve been worn to death" - TR

Here's a look at what arrived...

Mailbox Dress

Sunset Tee

Split Shirt

"I think the clean classic appeal of the shirt for women is still really powerful, there’s something timeless about a man’s shirt for girls that doesn’t go away"

Bustier Dress

Buffalo Shirt Dress



Henson crystal rings have just arrived. Each ring is delicately crafted from brass and features a one of a kind semi-precious crystal with unique properties...

Clear quartz
Stone of power. Promotes clarity of thinking; improves energy, knowledge and harmony.

Smoky quartz
Grounding stone. Promotes healing and reconciliation; calms, releases blocks and negativity.

Herkimer diamond
Dream stone. Restores balance, enhances spontaneity and improves dream recall. These stones are clear when formed and have been dipped in gold, which results in the irridescent blue colouring.

BH xx

On our mind....

A winter swim in the crisp ocean

Adventures with friends

Old flames

Not taking yourself too seriously


 Meet the latest addition to the Bessie Head Disciples


Who are your style influences and why? I love designers that have narratives behind their collections. The more thought that goes into a collection, the more expressive and meaningful each piece is to me. For example, Egle Cekanaviciute combines orthopaedics with tailoring to create her collection, ARTEFACT. It is both beautiful and intriguing.

Egle Cekanaviciute – Artefact collection

What are you currently obsessed with? I am currently obsessed with tattoos, undercuts and hooker heels. Alice Dellal and Rick Genest are walking artworks that light up my life.

Emma Chitty, Alice Dellal and Lizzy Jagger for Dominic Jones Jewellery

Rick Genest for Mugler

What are you listening to? Lately, I have been listening to Lady Gaga - Schei├če on repeat. It is such a powerful song.

What are you reading? I am currently reading “Wicked - The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West” by Gregory Maguire.
 I love how misunderstood the “Wicked” Witch is.

What are you future aspirations re career, life etc? In the future, I look forward to completing my Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery, specialising in Neonatal care. I have always wanted a career in health, and I have finally decided on working with newborns. I love the balance in my life between the factual and the creative.

Aoi Kotsuhiroi – Exotic Regrets collection

Loves? My closest and dearest friend, Luke O’Neill. He has influenced my life in every way. I would not be the kind of person I am, without him. As for a favourite designer, I tend to focus on buying one piece that suits my style rather than focusing on individual labels. I sift through twenty garments in a collection, and find the one that appeals to me most. I am very decisive with clothing: individual expression is a quality that I value and admire. Pieces by Samvara, Ellery and Anndra Neen are just some of the most treasured items in my wardrobe.

Anndra Neen – Caged Clutch


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