10 YEARS...

 10 years is a long time in the Fashion industry.

Labels come and go, styles change, design houses rise and fall and so is the forever changing face of fashion...

                                                      Meet Marnie Byrnes...

AKA MB, Montgomery, Crazy Leopard Lady...the list is endless as most of you well know..

Women of Brisbane unite and thank this wonderful young women for bringing you the best of fashion for the last 10 years at Bessie Head!

Marnie came from Townsville and in her early days was a little bemused that women would part with so much of their hard earned cash for Fashion..
Soon enough she came to understand this passion for Fashion and embraced her true calling..

Marnie ( MB ) we love you and thank you for tirelessly working at Bessie Head and creating a haven for all our fashion wants,needs and desires over the years.. 

Happy 10 Years!

Do you know this face?

Yes it's Lisa!
AKA Turek, L.T, Turekmondo and some other names we can't mention...

Little Lisa came to Bessie Head not long after Marnie and in time, her love for fashion also blossomed. 

After learning the ropes from the best, Lisa then of course went to the dark side..


For those of you who have ventured up the stairs and behind the black door you will know that Lisa is also a dedicated leader in Brisbane fashion- selecting only the finest of wares from all over the globe for her customers and casting her discerning eye over all that we offer.

Marnie and Lisa thank you for your incredible passion, loyalty and constant dedication during the good times and the bad... 

If you would like to say 'thankyou' to these wonderful young women for your own personal experiences 
in store with them please do so on the store Facebooks!

Turek likes champagne by the way..and MB loves a red!