Serpent Flower

Deadly Ponies 2010 Collection

Mr Flower Stealer

Mr Sling

Mr Flower Pouch Small

Mr Fill N Zip Twist

Mr Wrist Bloom

Style Icons

Style is a simple way of saying complicated things
- Jean Cocteau





New Arrivals

Therese Rawsthorne - The Wanderer

Tuck Dress

Dusky Singlet

Dusky Dress

Table Top Singlet
Black - White - Smokey Pink

Gail Sorronda SS11 Collection

Murmur is inspired by the noise that distracts us from important social issues and how we as humans have strayed from our natural instincts. Whilst staying true to the Gail Sorronda aesthetic with the use of a monochromatic palette (and bronze; Gail Sorronda’s first spasm of colour!) there also remains an emphasis on silhouette and texture; again highlighting the bi-polar nature of Gail Reid’s creativity.

Love In A Puff Dress

Long Wednesday Dress

Exotic Rope Dress

Avaliable In-store

All In The Detail

Get An Education

The Raven Project

Edgar Allen Poe's poem The Raven is paralleled with the work of Alfred Hitchcock's films, The Birds, North by Northwest and Psycho. The Raven Project journeys through these films looking at birds and planes as signs of an impending doom. It addresses some questions on the nature of the Raven; what message does it really bring and what impending disaster does it speak to?

The Warehouse - Metro Arts

Many Shades Of Black

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Inside the Bessie Head Tribe Part 2

AKA Little Nat
Creative Director

Secret Passion?
Design - Quality & Simplicity.

What's Your Poison?
G&T please

Guilty Pleasure?
Sleeping, lot's of sleeping!

Fashion Position?
Always to intrigue - dress to quench your own style desires. Minimal but complex not in-your-face label orientated fashion. Anyone can follow trends, walk to your own beat......

Your Theme Song?
Renegades of Funk  - Rage Against the Machine

Secrets are Your Sickness.....
I wish I were a rock n roll god!!!!!!!


Has Arrived In-store

D.L & Co.

Modern Alchemists and Purveyors of Curious Goods

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