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Devotees from Antony to Cat Power and The Flaming Lips reinvent songs from Ono's back log, the pick being the furious electro mash-up of Kiss Kiss Kiss by Peaches. There's some mystery and magic - and a hint of tragedy.

Rhythm Slave - The buzz cut, the amazonian frame, the peculiar hooded jersey garments, leotards worn with tights and gladiator boots and the outlandish hats. The album is as outrageously good as her outfits!

Under The Milkyway

Illionaire SS10/11
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Postcards from Rome

Me trying to look cute in a Roman backstreet

I love the windows of Rome

I love the proportions of the typical Roman trees

My favourite part of the tourist trail was the Roman Forum. Ancient Romans were very practical and disciplined yet they were also very sentimental. I love all of the contrasting aspects including modern scaffolding supporting the ancient ruins.

Multimedia installation Maurizio Martusciello inspired by Roberto Capucci

Atlas surprised me and took me to see Beach House at Circolo degli Artisti

Gail x


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TROIS - The Label

This is the house that Gab built.
These are the seeds that planted the tree, that lives in the house that Gab built.
These are te colours that make up the sky, that cover the tree, that lives in the house that Gab built.
These are the echoes of far and away, that move through the sky and speak to the tree, that lives in the house that Gab built.

Open the door...

TROIS conveys a sense of sophistication and wonder.
Eclectic flavors that comment on the differing cultures and trends through time. Through textile design, each collection will represent a different journey across the universe, beginning with the Navajo World Collection Spring Summer 10/11.

New Label
Arriving Soon

Johnny Ramli has arrived

Bessie Head presents the new Johnny Ramli jewellery collection.

A unique mix of materials such as oxidized silver, old and precious stones, leather and antiques.

White Orion Skull Earrings

Ava & Adam Wing Necklace

Skull Chain Ring

Punka Necklace

Punka Earrings

Plat Chain Bracelet

Crusia Necklace
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Bessie Head

New Arrivals

Spring Summer Collection 2010

V Neck Circle Dress With Ties

Scoop V Neck T.Shirt

Layering Singlet

Slim Tapered Trackpant

These and more now in-store


We couldn't be prouder of ex-Bessie Head girl, Gail Reid and her achievements in Rome.
Gail was one of seven finalists chosen to participate in Vogue Italia's "Who is on next?" competition...
Although Gail Sorronda did not win, she will be back in Italy in September to participate in Milan Fashion Week under the banner of Vogue Italia, and to spend one-on-one time with Editors of Vogue Italia and America respectfully, Franca Sozzani and Anna Wintour.

PS - Gail's latest collection Murmur will be arriving in-store in September...