Tristan Blair

Bennett Boots $495

Juliet Boots $430

All boots by Tristan Blair
Styles avaliable in store now

Romance Was Born short film featuring "Nightmare on Wall Street" Collection

City Limits from Kris Moyes on Vimeo.

Winter Wool & Prints

Layer up with some beautiful Bassike essentials

Grey Marl Skirt 100% Merino Wool $290

100% Wool Black Unisex Fisherman Rib Vest $495

Opal Cotton Tank Dress $275

Crop Merino Wool Dinner Jacket $595
Mohair Hand Knit Dress $365

Opal Cotton Pull On Pant $295
All items avaliable in store now.

Dita Eyewear


 Wonderlust - Dark/Light Brown $310

Addict - Gold Swirl $210

Xanadu - Champagne Gold  $280

Surrender - Smoke $230

Pretender - Caramal/Brown & Black $210

All in store now.

Low Luv....

Steer Skull Pendant $130  Cross Pendant $150

 Texan model Erin Wasson has been designing her Low Luv jewellery line for several seasons now and her Spring 2010 collection recently hit
Bessie Head...

Aztec Ring $110

Crater Bangle $90

Pyramid Ring $90

Collection in store now.

Hot Artist.....

popular culture + history + fashion
Objects De Luxe I

This Is Love

The Decadent Morsels II

The Armory


What's On....

Unnerved: The New Zealand Project
GOMA 1 May - 4 July 2010

'Unnerved' explores a particularly rich dark vein that recurs in New Zealand contemporary art and cinema. Psychological or physical unease pervades many works in the exhibition, with humour, parody and poetic subtlety.

Unnerved takes a really close look contemporary art and cinema coming out of NZ and it's all here at GoMA. The strange awkwardness of the new generation of New Zealanders is contrasted with the intense history of this island nation. But somehow it all comes together and provides for a very interesting experience.

Lisa Reihana: Marakihau

Text extract

Stevie Dance.....

Stevie Dance is the Editor of R U S S H Magazine & works as a stylist & creative consultant between Sydney & New York.

She has a very cool vision of what fashion represents and is an inspiration to us here at Bessie Head.....stay tuned for more on this very talented young women.


Complements of Russh.........our favourite mag!

Untitled from Russh on Vimeo.



Be who you are and say what you feel
because those who mind don't matter
and those who matter don't mind
                     - Dr Seuss.




Images courtesy of Benedict Brink.