'I'm a man-eating machine," intones Grace Jones in the arresting video for Corporate Cannibal. Her mouth divides, cell-like, to become two. Her eyes roll back into a skull that is distorting upwards into a skyscraper silhouette. As an industrial guitar grinds away in the background, this relentless cyborg of a woman promises to "consume my consumers with no sense of humour".....

Album of the Weeeeeeek

Gorillaz - Plastic Beach!


Accclaimed director Jim Jarmusch returns to chllenge viewers once again with - The Limits of Control. If you haven't yet entered the world of a Jim Jarmusch film I suggest you give it a try.....

Coffee and Cigarettes
Dead Man
Broken Flowers
Stranger Than Paradise
Ghost Dog



Tamila Purvis is part of the creative duo behind jewellery label Mania Mania.

Together with friend Melanie Kamsler, the former Russh team member creates mystical, statement jewellery with a vintage feel.

SS/10 Collection In-store July/Aug

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Images via Garancedore.fr

A Tribute To Dr Strange......

ELLERY is the go-to label for Australian it-girls. Since launching her eponymous line in 2007 the designer’s effortlessly hip aesthetic is fashion’s newest asset. The Ellery girl is fierce and super confident. Her designs are the ultimate tool in mastering the elegant and relaxed, “Off-Duty Model” look.

AW10 Virginia Blazer In Store Now xx

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Romance Was Born - RAFW

Ponder the marvels of Romance Was Born's new Spring Summer collection, 'Renaissance Dinosaur'arriving in-store September this year!



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